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Apostille/Authentication of Documents

Current Processing Time - We are currently processing mailed apostille/authentication requests received July 2, 2024.

The Office of the Texas Secretary of State (the Office) is the only state agency authorized to issue certificates to authenticate Texas public records that will be used outside of the United States. These certificates are known as authentications, or Apostilles. Effective October 1, 2023, the Office will issue a single certificate universal Apostille. The universal Apostille can be accepted in all countries, but must be further authenticated by the Office of Authentications at the US State Department for countries that are not a party to the Apostille Convention, prior to submission at the country of destination.

Public records can be recordable documents or non-recordable documents. Recordable documents are issued by a statewide agency/officer and are not permitted to be certified by a notary public. Alternatively, non-recordable documents are not issued by statewide agencies/officers and can be notarized in English by a Texas Notary Public to be considered a public record.

Recordable Documents
Non-Recordable Documents
1. Documents issued by a county official, city or local registrar
     • Certified copies of:
          ◦ Marriage licenses
          ◦ Divorce decrees
          ◦ Probated wills
          ◦ Judgments
          ◦ Birth/death certificates, etc.
2. Vehicle title histories
1. Documents notarized by a Texas Notary Public
2. School records/transcripts
3. Adoption proceeding documents

International Adoption

Our office can provide a Universal Apostille for the documents necessary for the international adoption process. Please be sure to utilize the proper form and submit the $10 fee. You can review more information on this on our FAQ page.

Business Filings

Apostilles/Authentications may be issued for certified copies of business organization documents on file with the Secretary of State, like certificates of formation. They may also be issued for certificates of fact issued by the Secretary of State evidencing facts from the records on file with the agency. If you need a certificate of fact or certified copies of business documents on file with our office apostilled or authenticated for use out of the country, please email your request to our Certifying Team.