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Secretary Cascos invites businesses to participate in human trafficking prevention program

July 27, 2016
Contact: Alicia Pierce or Mari Bergman

AUSTIN, TX – Today, Secretary of State Carlos Cascos invited businesses in the State of Texas to participate in the Human Trafficking Prevention Business Partnership Program.  

In 2015, the Texas Legislature created the Human Trafficking Prevention Business Partnership Program to engage corporations and other private entities in voluntary efforts to prevent and combat human trafficking. The Texas Secretary of State’s office is tasked with establishing and implementing this program.

“My office is ready to recognize Texas businesses actively helping to prevent human trafficking,” said Secretary Cascos. “I want to encourage businesses to participate in the program, apply for recognition, and join the efforts to stop trafficking.”

The program requires the Texas Secretary of State to present a certificate of recognition to a participating corporation or private entity to recognize their contributions to the efforts of federal, state and local officials engaged in combating human trafficking and prosecuting human trafficking crimes.

To apply for a certificate of recognition, an applicant must submit information demonstrating the applicant:

  1. has a zero tolerance policy towards human trafficking
  2. has taken measures to ensure that the corporation's or private entity's employees comply with the zero tolerance policy. Measures must include, at a minimum,
    1. implementing a mandatory human trafficking awareness training for all employees, and the actions that will be taken against employees for violations
    2. establishing a policy and point of contact for employees to report possible violations without fear of retaliation, including through a hotline number and e-mail address, and to ensure that any violations get reported to the proper law enforcement agency and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services
    3. providing information to employees about resources for providing assistance to victims of human trafficking.
  3. has participated in a minimum of one public awareness and education campaign each year that actively demonstrate social responsibility within its community to raise awareness of human trafficking, including supporting federal, state and local efforts to combat and prosecute human trafficking
  4. has enhanced awareness of and encouraged participation in the partnership by notifying employees and business partners that the entity has been granted or is seeking a certificate of recognition as a member of the partnership
  5.  agrees to share with the secretary of state best practices that are effective in combatting human trafficking

Each certificate of recognition is valid for three years and may be renewed for additional terms of three years.

To date, Sabre GLBL Inc. and PCO Div. II, Inc. have received recognition from the Texas Secretary of State’s office.

“I congratulate the recipients of this important recognition and commend them for their efforts in combating human trafficking,” said Secretary Cascos.

Corporations and private entities can apply for a certificate of recognition (PDF) which is available on this website.