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Secretary Steen Successfully Completes 2013 Boots and Ballots Tour

November 12, 2013
Contact: Alicia Pierce or Jeff Hillery
512/ 463-5770

AUSTIN, TX – Texas Secretary of State John Steen today announced the conclusion of his 2013 Boots and Ballots Tour after visiting all the military installations in Texas.

"One mission of my office is to make sure every qualified Texan who wants to vote can and that his or her vote is counted," said Steen. "That especially includes our military members whose duty takes them away from home."

Boots and Ballots is an initiative by the Elections Division in the Office of the Texas Secretary of State to prepare and provide military voters with additional resources to register to vote and participate in local, state and federal elections. In his visits to all 12 military installations across the state, Secretary Steen met with hundreds of voting assistance officers about resources his office prepared to help them in their mission to guide military members through the voting process.

But the meetings are not the end of the program.

"In addition to educating voting assistance officers about materials prepared especially for them, my staff and I wanted to introduce ourselves as a resource and create an ongoing line of communication," said Secretary Steen. "We are working to answer questions and provide updates to voting assistance officers.”

The military voting section of Texas’ voter resource website, www.VoteTexas.gov, has been updated with the new materials, including a simple checklist and video demonstrating how military and overseas voters cast a ballot through the Federal Post Card Application process (FPCA). The website also includes links to the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) and local county election officials.

Through this program, military and overseas voters are also being reminded the FPCA permanently registers them to vote, and serves as a ballot request for a calendar year so they do not have to request a ballot each time an election is held.

A post-election survey of the 2012 General Election shows 54,005 military ballots were sent and 32,221 were counted. By comparison, in 2010 49,789 military ballots were sent and 12,665 votes counted, while in 2008, just 24,915 military ballots were sent and 16,231 were counted.

Below is a list of the Texas military installations visited by Secretary Steen on his Boots and Ballots Tour:

Feb. 25 Joint Base - San Antonio
March 5 Naval Air Station - Kingsville
March 6 Naval Air Station - Corpus Christi
May 8 Fort Bliss - El Paso
May 21 Fort Hood - Killeen
June 12 Laughlin Air Force Base - Del Rio
Aug. 26 Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base - Fort Worth
Aug. 27 Dyess Air Force Base - Abilene
Sept. 4 Goodfellow Air Force Base - San Angelo
Sept. 26 Red River Army Depot - Texarkana
Nov. 1 Sheppard Air Force Base - Wichita Falls
Nov. 12 Camp Mabry - Austin

For more information please visit www.VoteTexas.gov, or www.fvap.gov.