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Secretary of State hosts Mexican consuls

Cascos promotes open-door policy with Mexican consuls

March 27, 2015
Contact: Alicia Pierce or Mari Bergman

Secretary Cascos photographed with Mexican Consulate representatives.
Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos with
the Mexican delegation representing the 11
consulate offices

Austin, TX — Today, Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos hosted a meeting with a Mexican delegation representing the 11 consulate offices that operate in Texas.

“Mexico is not only Texas’ largest trading partner but is also our friend and neighbor. We not only share a border, we share customs, cultures and families,” said Secretary Cascos. “Maintaining a healthy relationship with Mexico’s consuls is a way of ensuring, the partnership between Mexico and Texas remains strong.”

The Texas Secretary of State serves as the chief protocol officer for the state. In this role, Secretary Cascos receives international dignitaries and delegations on behalf of the state and represents Texas at meetings and events with members of the international diplomatic corps.

“As the Chief Protocol Officer, my office will continue to have an open-door policy to help all the diplomatic corps by addressing their questions,” said Secretary Cascos.

Texas is home to more than 100 consulates. Houston has the largest concentration of consulates in the state and the third-highest in the nation.