Part IX. Texas Water Commission

Senate Bill 2, First Called Session, 72nd Legislature, transferred all the powers, duties, rights and obligations of the Texas Department of Health (TDH) pertaining to the disposal of solid waste, the setting of sanitary standards for drinking water and the protection of public water supplies and bodies of water, the regulation of on-site sewage disposal systems, the administration of on-site sewage disposal systems, the administration of on-site wastewater treatment research, and the disposal of radioactive substances to the Texas Water Commission (TWC), effective March 1, 1992. The Texas Register is administratively transferring these rules from Title 25, Part 1. Texas Department of Health to Title 31, Part IX, Texas Water Commission. However, the TWC has determined that several of TDH's procedural rules should not be recodified as they conflict with the TWC's current procedural regulations. It is the TWC's intention that its existing procedural rules apply to the newly transferred programs.

The following table illustrates the rule numbers under Title 25 (first set of rule numbers) and the new corresponding numbers under Title 31. The subchapter and undesignated head listed below are TWC's designation.

Any interested party may contact the Texas Register Section and request copies of any of the rules that have been administratively transferred from Texas Department of Health to the Texas Water Commission.

The new numbering scheme is as follows.

Chapter 290. Water Hygiene

Public Water Systems

Old: §§337.201-337.212 New: §§sec.sec.290.38-290.49