Texas Water Development Board
Rule Transfer

The rules promulgated by the Texas Water Development Board under Title 31, Chapter 382 and Chapter 384 are being administratively transferred to Title 31, Chapter 365 and Chapter 366. Due to an oversight by the Texas Register, these rules were filed under chapter designations that are not included in Title 31, Part 10. Chapter 382 and Chapter 384 are assigned to Title 31, Part 11. Chapter 382 and Chapter 384 are being moved to correct the oversight and prevent future overlap of rules across Part 10 and Part 11. Note: there are not rules currently in effect for Chapter 382.

The rules will be transferred in the Texas Administrative Code effective February 15, 2020.

The following tables outline the rule transfers.

Figure: 31 TAC Chapter 382 (.pdf)

Figure: 31 TAC Chapter 384 (.pdf)