Part II. Texas Rehabilitation Commission
Chapter 111. Medicaid Waiver Program for People Who Are Deaf-Blind With Multiple Disabilities

(Editor's Note: Section 1 of House Bill No. 2913 of the 75th Legislative session amended §531.021 of the Government Code, which designates the Texas Health and Human Services Commission [HHSC] as the agency responsible for administration of the Medicaid program. On September 1, 1997, HHSC also became responsible for adopting reasonable rules and standards to govern the setting of Medicaid rates, fees, and charges. Prior to this date, these functions primarily were performed by three agencies- the Texas Department of Health [TDH], the Texas Department of Human Services [TDHS], and the Texas of Mental Health and Mental Retardation [TDMHMR].

The Texas Register is administratively transferring the following rules listed in the conversion chart published in this issue uner the Tables and graphics section. The table lists the old rule numbers and the new rule numbers that corresponds to them.)

Figure: 1 TAC 355