Part I. Texas Department of Insurance
Chapter 34. State Fire Marshal

28 TAC §34

(Editor's Note: In order to comply with Sentate Bill 371, effective September 1, 1997, 75th Legislature, Regular Session, transfers all functions and duties from the State Fire Marshal's Office relating to the continuation and function of the Texas Commission on Fire Prtoection, Title 37, Part XIII, Chapter 501, 503, 511, 520, 521, 531, 541, 591, to the Texas Department of Insurance, Title 28, Part I, Chapter 34, State Fire Marshal. The transfer is effective September 1, 1997.

The Texas Register is administratively transferring the following rules listed in the conversion chart published in the issue under the Tables and graphics section. The table lists the old rule numbers and the new rule numbers that correspond to them.)

Figure: 28 TAC Chapter 34 (.pdf)