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Texas Register

Student Art Project Guidelines

The Office of the Texas Secretary of State invites you and the students in your school to participate in the Texas Register Student Art Project. This project gives students insight into state government and allows their artistic talent to be featured in a state publication. Artwork is published on otherwise blank pages of the Texas Register as space permits. This is not a contest.

In an effort to promote creativity and originality, we are not placing restrictions on subject matter. We try not to omit any of the drawings we receive. However, because we want to include the work from as many different schools as possible, we can not promise to publish each and every submission we receive.

Below are some guidelines for submission of artwork for use in the Texas Register.

  1. All students in grades Pre K-12 are eligible to participate. There is no deadline for submissions.
  2. All submissions must be in black and white. Pen and ink drawings, pencil drawings and black and white photocopies of color artwork are all acceptable. High-quality photocopies may be submitted in place of original artwork.
  3. Artwork cannot be larger in size than 8 1/2" x 11" or smaller than 3" x 5".
  4. Each piece of art should be clearly and legibly identified with the artist's name and grade. Write or type the information on the back of each submission. Please note that this information will be published along with the student's art.
  5. Artwork will be printed in groupings by school. Artwork submitted becomes property of the Texas Register and will not be returned.
  6. Each teacher will receive a free copy of the Texas Register when artwork he or she has submitted is printed. Information about purchasing additional copies will be included with the free copy.
  7. You may submit artwork as many times throughout the year as you like. Please include the name and address of a contact person with each submission. Artwork should be submitted to: Texas Register, Attn: Student Art Project, P.O. Box 12887, Austin, Texas 78711.
  8. Artwork selected for use in the Texas Register may appear on the Texas Register website (http://www.sos.texas.gov/texreg) as well.
  9. We encourage you and the teachers in your school district to use the Texas Register Student Art Project to tie in with your curriculum. We are always looking for art that is seasonal or has a Texas theme, especially for the front cover of the Texas Register. If you submit seasonal artwork, please submit it at least two months before the season.
  10. There is no required theme. Avoid submitting artwork that includes inappropriate, trademarked, or restricted content (Ex: sports team logos, product names/logos).

Feel free to call Jill S. Ledbetter, Art Project Coordinator at (512) 463-5561 if you have any questions. You may email the art project coordinator as well at register@sos.texas.gov.