Withdrawal of Advisory Opinion Requests/Questions

The Texas Ethics Commission (the commission) will not be considering the Advisory Opinion Requests/Questions on whether an officer or employee of a political subdivision may use public funds to advertise an event that uses the officer's title, such as "Mayor's Unity Walk," whether an officer of a political subdivision may announce, at a public meeting of the political subdivision that is recorded and broadcast on a television channel, Internet website, or social media profile controlled by the subdivision, that the officer will have a booth at the event where he or she will distribute merchandise purchased with personal funds, and whether an officer or employee of a political subdivision may spend public funds--including the use of paid staff time--to set up tents and provide tables, chairs, and traffic control for a food distribution event at which public officials from other governmental entities are present and distributing personal campaign items purchased with their campaign funds. These questions appeared in the June 11, 2021, issue of the Texas Register.

Effective immediately on filing.


J. R. Johnson

General Counsel

Texas Ethics Commission

Filed: June 4, 2021