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SOS Modernization Program Release Notes

Visit this page to learn all about improvements the agency is making to enhance your online experience.

SOS Modernization Program

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The Texas Secretary of State (SOS) is launching its Legacy Modernization Program.

Our goal is to be responsive to our customers, to ensure integrity through our processes and procedures, and to be the most efficient and effective state agency in all aspects of the services we provide. Modernization will support this goal by improving customer service and increasing staff efficiencies.

Our modernization effort will focus on cultivating our current resources and introducing refreshed and new online resources that are sure to enhance the online experience. Please visit this page periodically to learn about the latest enhancements and site releases.

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+ Introducing Our New Trademarks Application

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You have ideas, and we want to assist you in protecting your intellectual property. As a result, we are happy to announce the release of our new Trademarks Application! This application is not only quick and easy to use but will also streamline and expedite the process of getting trademark applications processed.

Happy Trademarking!

+ New Customer Accounts

We will be transitioning away from the current nine-digit user IDs/client account numbers as we roll out our new applications. As part of our Legacy Modernization Program, we will be asking our customers to create new customer accounts in order to access new applications; these customer accounts will use email-based user IDs with multi-factor authentication. However, customers will continue to use the current nine-digit user IDs/client account numbers to access legacy applications until they are modernized.

As an example, our new Trademarks Application requires customers to create new customer accounts in order to access the application. However, these same customers will continue to use the nine-digit user IDs/client account numbers to access SOSDirect and SOSUpload for our other Business Services, like UCC filings, until those applications are modernized.

We apologize for the inconvenience of using multiple accounts during our modernization.

+ Our New Chat-bot

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To better serve our customers, SOS has released a new Chatbot feature, which can be seen in the bottom right-hand corner of this page and throughout the SOS website. Our Chatbot can assist you with many questions, from “how can I form an LLC?” to “how can I register to vote?” Give it a try!

+ Changes To Acceptable Forms of Payment

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

In the coming months, SOS will provide the ability for our customers to submit payment through ACH, in a partnership with Payments made using the ACH service will not be subject to additional fees!

+ Credit Cards No Longer Accepted on Paper or Fax Filings, effective June 15, 2023

SOS will no longer accept credit card payments in association with paper filings (mailed or hand-delivered) or filings received via facsimile. We will continue to accept credit card payments for filings submitted through SOSDirect, SOSUpload and our new applications as they are deployed as part of our modernization. If a paper or fax filing is submitted after June 14, 2023, and credit card information is included, the filing will be automatically rejected.

If you have any questions, please contact us.