Gubernatorial Student Mock Election

The Office of the Secretary of State is excited to announce that we will conduct the Project V.O.T.E. 2022 Gubernatorial Student Mock Election. This mock election will focus on encouraging students to participate in the democratic process!

Students, we hope that you will participate in the election experience and that when you become of voting age, that you will not only register, but more importantly, that you will vote.

Teachers, thank you for your interest in Student Mock Elections. This experience will give your students the opportunity to learn first-hand about the most fundamental right as a citizen, the power of the vote!

Student Mock Election Registration Form

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Get Your Student Mock Election Handbook

The Student Mock Election component is a comprehensive guide with the purpose of teaching students about the electoral process from start to finish. The guide contains information about registering to vote, the history of voting, what to expect to see in the polling place and how to properly cast a ballot using the various voting systems in Texas. If you are going to conduct a mock election, this guide is everything you need, and more!

  Student Mock Election Handbook
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Student Mock Election Archive

The office of the Secretary of State would like to thank all of the teachers and students who diligently researched the cadidates, studied the issues, and then used that knowledge to cast an informed ballot in their mock election! We hope that this mock election exercise was both educational and memorable. And again, thank you for participating!

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